Tuesday, June 28, 2016

What You Can Find...

...in a long photo. Greetings from the Hermit Writer. Last week after picking my bike up at the shop I drove out to the country for a ride/shoot. Took a SINGLE photo...got on my bike...and the derailleur went nuts again, jammed into spokes bent things. But look closer at the one shot :)

Just an open field.

Until I looked closer

A mama, papa and baby crane on the horizon. 


  1. Almost missed the baby. We have a lot of cranes around here. And even more turkey vultures.

  2. Sigh on the bike front.
    And happy dances on the crane front.

  3. Saw three cranes on a front lawn this morning near our daughter's home here in Illinois. Thanks for visiting my blog and FLICKR pages. During our road trip I accumulated over 2000 photos and have not finished triaging them-- in the meantime getting out the last two mornings to accumulate even more. Your "one" good photo and sighting the cranes came with a price. Hope your spokes are all aligned again!

  4. Wow, what a brilliant capture! Thanks for your regular visits to my blog and kind comments. Ambrose is on the mend and we're hoping he never goes outdoors again. Greetings from a cold South Africa. (-4 is too cold for this warm blooded African!)

  5. I missed the baby crane until the last photo.
    The first photo is so wide open, I wanted to go and run in the field.

  6. it always pays to take a closer look!!! imagine if you had just dumped it!!

    good luck with the bike, i couldn't live without mine. i walk like crap but i ride well!!!

  7. Congrats to your new bike. Your shot of the Summer landscape is wonderful. The heron too. ;-)

  8. And what a shot it was. Hope the bike recovers!

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

  9. I took a second look and yes the baby.