Saturday, June 25, 2016

Mud Wrestling 101

Greetings from the Hermit Writer. Sissy had a blast playing with Buddy this morning. The clean up was meh.

The water in the kiddie pool got disgusting really quickly

Followed by white dog turning brown

Oh, yeah. What fun

Let's just wallow in the mud

"Thanks, Dad. That was fun."

Halfway through the truck wash.

"Dad, not the face! Not the face!"

The tension builds.

Turning sparkly clean again.


  1. But man it's fun to get dirty!

  2. She is such a pretty dog but you got to know rolling in the mud with a friend is the greatest!!!

  3. Now that is one trained dog--to just stand there and let you wash her like that--good job training her--
    hey who was taking the photos???
    love and laughter, di

  4. It looks like these love mud! Are you sure they're dogs?
    Referring to your comment on my blog, I feel for all who live in areas where it's hot almost all year (since I moved from Southern Cal. it's a different story in the mountains). Just to make you jealous, I haven't had the air conditioning on yet this year!

  5. The mud bath looks like a fun time for the pups! Happy weekend!

  6. Awww, I was wondering what you did with them after!!?? It's all fun and games until someone wants to go in the house!!!

  7. that's too cute. looks like she doesn't mind the bath too bad.

  8. I wish I could just run a hose on my kids when they get that dirty!

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

  9. Ahh, the water is very important for them :) This week was very hot here - almost +40C and we're waiting a heavy storm during this night or tomorrow...

  10. Wow my dog used to hate baths. Right away the sad face turned on. Maybe because you used the hose. That would be cool!.