Wednesday, May 25, 2016

SEEker Book 3

My SEEker series has sold it's time to extend it. Yeah.

To get my head back into the main character’s head, and into the setting, I’ve gone back and re-edited books 1 & 2. Thankfully I’ve learned a lot about book formatting since 2011 and my craft has also improved. So these are now perfect. Yeehaa. 

SEEker btw, is a fun romp ala Janet Evanovich. Janet may lean toward chick lit. SEEker leans toward dude lit. But I understand the ladies love the hunks.

I’ve tweaked the covers too. I like the results.


  1. More bookie temptation. Thank you. Drat you.

  2. I do like Janet Evanovich, I'll have to check these out. Soon.