Wednesday, May 11, 2016

LOST GIRL - A Shout Out - Colleen Vanderlinden

(Not to be confused with the TV Series)
I give this novel a recommendation for Romantic Paranormal readers.

This genre can be heavy on world building. Colleen balances this well, so you can appreciate the character's situation without learning the thirty-three thousand types of fae, which are good, which are bad. I'd call the writing style Jim Butcher Lite.

The characterization shines the brightest. The setting isn't outlandish, but well written. The action is good. The paranormal plot is average, but the motivations of the main character are really good so you don't have to be a hard paranormal reader to enjoy the story.

I say, go get a copy: on amazon


  1. I really don't need any more bookie temptation.
    Thank you. And drat you.

  2. Seems interesting.
    Reading Outlander at the moment.

  3. I say, okay, a worthwhile thing to do, thanks.