Thursday, May 19, 2016

Favorite Passage

Greetings from the Hermit Writer.

I've been re-reading (editing) my SEEker series because my next project is in the series, so I'm getting my head back into the characters', and coming across too many passages I love. I have to be selective or I'd be posting more than I'm reading. I'm glad my next WIP is a SEEker. Maybe my best writing, definitely my best characters.

We walked into the tiki bar, only one of us knowing why we were here. I know it pissed Michael off, like really pissed him off, but when Augie didn’t feel like talking, Augie didn’t talk. And he did that a lot. So we were here to look like his muscle. That by itself is funny. His shoulders and chest implied he should be the muscle. If anyone looked like the wimpy brains of the outfit, that was me. But Augie doesn’t trust me to open my mouth.

The man is smarter than I can say.


  1. Do you HAVE to wave temptation at me? My unread towers are already huge.
    And Mar is calling you. And her calls are getting louder. And more insistent.

  2. I echo what Elephant's Child said, way too much temptation here.