Friday, April 15, 2016

Would you Help Me?

Greetings from the Hermit Writer.

dead maybe IS LIVE.

Would you be willing to drop a note on the bottom of one or more of your posts in the coming weeks to note your GOOD FRIEND Mac has published a new novel?

I'll supply the html. Something like this, maybe?

My good blogging friend Mac has a new novel. Consider checking it out.

A visceral tightrope of deceit, abuse, and murder.

Aran’s a researcher—for a killer. Not a profession of her choice. With her keeper’s death and the end of her servitude she may never have to plan another assassination, but she will kill to survive. Those who contracted her mentor’s hits will come for her. She knows too many secrets accumulated the past decade analyzing the routine of those tagged for death.

If you can help...Thank YOU. 

Books don't sell if no one knows about them.


  1. Good luck. Not just now, but later.

  2. I don't get many visitors to my blog, but I'll tack a note to the bottom of my Sunday Selections tomorrow.

  3. Best of luck with the book, and yes will put on my blog and twitter.

  4. No probs, Mac. I'll do that next week. Best of luck! I love the cover!

  5. You betcha! In fact just yesterday I gave you a shout out on my Good Fences blog. I hope it works each time I do. I know you depend on getting the word out! Blogging is a good source too.

  6. Good luck--I like your books