Thursday, April 7, 2016

The Drowning Game – A Shout Out

A Recommend

LS Hawker isn’t an Indie, but I was looking for works similar to my current work in process…and the tone, and the main character of Drowning, came near to my dead maybe.

The opening of this novel may have been the spookiest part of the novel, and perhaps just a bit over-done. There were things I would have done differently, but the uniqueness of the character kept me riveted.

For suspense, there was lots of good humor and sarcasm, which I always need. You can gut and eviscerate a man, but the writer must end it with a snide remark.

All the ‘good’ characters were good. All the ‘bad’ characters were bad enough, though maybe a bit over-done and simplistic. But it carried with the overall humor the author used to drive the story.

I prefer a story from a single character’s point of view. That makes the task harder for the author, but creates a tighter story, without the redundancy…so Drowning takes a hit from me for going back and forth between the two main characters.

The pace was steady, the dialogue good, the description slim enough for me, the craft excellent. So go buy it, enjoy a couple night’s reading.