Monday, April 18, 2016

I've been writing full-time since 2007...

...and in that time, after finishing one project I already had another plot for the next novel already mapped out in my head and I was gnashing at the bit to get to it.

Not this time.


I have eight series I could add to.

Or I could write sequels for my two stand-alones.

What, oh what, should I do? 

Go to the imagination bank and come up with something new?


  1. Maybe you just need a break--maybe you should consider doing some kind of table top book with some of your photos!!
    I plan to do that one day--enfact I have a whole collection of photos that I have taken of 'odd things in odd places'--even yesterday I took 2 photos of things that were in odd places on my walk!!
    and as for writing novels--that has always been an idea of mine--and I can come up with some nice plots--but don't have the brains or words to do all the detail work that is involved in writing--so there you have it--!!!
    love and laughter and my 2 cents worth-di

  2. Wow, that's an impressive body of work for 9 years! Maybe a short break is in order? You deserve it.

  3. Id go with the top seller and add to it. Keep em going.

  4. I might be wrong, but I think you're looking for more of a challenge, perhaps a new project, because you're just gutsy like that. Also, it could be that you just need a few weeks off for a new idea to present itself. You've managed to achieve such a large body of work because you trust yourself and your judgment. I think you already know what you want to do:) Good-luck.

    1. Did I mention that you're awesome?

  5. While I would like you to continue Mar's story, do what is right for you. Including having a break if you want to.

  6. Your dreams could tell you or the idea about doing something with those amazing photos would be great.

  7. Have a wee break and listen for stories around you... you're about to go adventuring in a new direction.

  8. Take some time to think about things first, but I'd like to know what Mar gets up to next.

  9. A writer writes, it's in your blood period. Sometimes while your story lurks within you something (a dog or wifey or just a wild ocean) begs of your time to just be idle an enjoy moments of life. That's all. Alone time.

  10. A new project is a good idea. A case in point, I've just finished a non-fiction piece on the 1940's thriller writer, Peter Cheyney. Due out in May. Now this isn't a marketing ploy :) My point is that I'm now so fed up with seeking the necessary permissions for photos and quotes, and being more or less at the mercy of others, I'm actually desperate to plunge into fiction again, where the words are my own and non copyrighted :)