Friday, April 22, 2016

Girl Jacked, by Christopher Greyson

I delete so many Indie books within the first chapters, I love to be able to recommend one. This one is a good introduction into the series.

Greyson’s characters, their interaction and relationships, witty dialog, the author’s voice and pace throw this far into the win column.

Okay, the negatives for me were a slow-developing plot, and I’m a close-first person bigot, but the average reader won’t be NEARLY as picky as me.

Jack, the main character has great flaws which make him lovable. The darling sidekick is a little too good for me, but Greyson makes her sexy as hell without a single description ‘as such.’

At $0.99…the best five-or-so hours of entertainment you’ll get this year.

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  1. you give good reviews!! sounds like a buck well spent!!!