Sunday, March 13, 2016

Where are my photos???????????

My photos are in Google Photos

But there is no way to insert them from Blogger.

If I select Picasa to upload, my photos aren't found. what's up? Anyone gotten around this?

I've googled for an answer...nothing out there.


  1. Oh dear--have no idea how to help--sure hope you can get to them--I went to download my photos from a walk yesterday and it wanted to download over 3,000 photos that was on that chip--I used to delete the photos every day after I down loaded them, then learned it was better to do it with the camera setting--only I forget to do it--sooooo--today I need to redo those photos==just won't get a couple of the cloud ones I liked yesterday is all--I guess--I will learn--someday!!
    love and laughter, di

  2. I now upload all my ipad photos for blogging onto my picasa albums but name each one.

  3. I am not sure what the issue is but I sent you an email. I will do some research to figure it out. Picasa is being discontinued. You can add your photos by URL or by Html. I sent some links on how to do it. It should still be working. I will come back if I figure it out. It still works on mine.

  4. Good luck. I don't use Picasa and would hate to have difficulties with photo downloads.

  5. If you save you Google photos to an album when you click on Picasa web albums the albums show up. Select and album and then the picture within the album that you want to insert in your blog. Works for me.