Saturday, March 5, 2016

Snapshots - More hangin' around

Greetings from the Hermit Writer. (Have you read a book lately?)

I am drawn to color.

A shaggy leaf can be so gorgeous. 

This is Linus. He'd stepped outside his office for a smoke break. 

We chatted a while. He wasn't excited about getting back to work. 

I think he just loved hangin' around too.

More colorful leaves. 

And more of my three favorites. 

Old house needs a little prmping. 

Never stroll past that weed. 

I think I made their day.


  1. Your chat did nothing to brighten Linus's mood.

  2. Linus needs a friend... a special friend.

  3. Love the colorful leaves and a gargoyle like Linus would be fun to talk to.

  4. Hello Linus! Hope your day is swell! The nature and color shots are awesome and that little house could be so cute with the right TLC!

  5. You know I love colorful leaves, don't ya? : )

  6. You really brought the gorgeous shots today!

  7. great posts of random photos--I have alot of those type of photos I took while still living in New York--here is has mostly been nature photos--I did make it to the beach--finally--yesterday and that was fun!!
    love and laughter,di

  8. a weed needs to be appreciated too!!! and can you just imagine how the house felt??!!

  9. I LOVE Linus!
    Autumn leaves are always great to look at, the different shades of yellows, reds and orange make for a wonderful landscape.