Saturday, March 19, 2016

Snapshots - More at the Festival

Greetings from the Hermit Writer. (Buy a book. Buy a book.)

Yep. A lot of nice folk at the festival

Including these beautiful Akitas, Taska and Romeo.

Say hello to Fabio in his stroller seat.

Something about bicycles that grab my attention

Red hair does that too

Pascal the Pointer. (I wonder if he likes math)

I think it was the lines and circles.

Or maybe the circles and color.

The river background was nice too.

Definitely the color.

By the way...are you interested in Beta Reading dead maybeLet me know.

Aran’s a researcher—for a killer. Not a profession of her choosing. With her keeper’s death she may never have to plan another assassination but she will kill to survive. Those who contracted her mentor’s hits will come for her. She knows too many secrets accumulated the past decade analyzing the routine of those tagged for death. 


  1. It looks as if you were completely in your element.

  2. Red hair, bikes and dogs....what a combination!!

  3. Hello, wonderful series from the festival. My favorites are all the doggies. Happy weekend!

  4. Goodness I'm so homesick for a beautiful day out! Beautiful captures Mac.

  5. this is my kinda' day, my kinda' festival!!! cute puppies, the two must be twins!!!

    oooooh and the bikes, probably the best way to get to this festival, it looks to be a "hot" spot!!!

    have a great weekend!!!

  6. A lovely scene, bikes, and red hair, nice.

  7. I like photos of bikes too. something about rows of wheels, they always catch my eye.

  8. So lovely dogs. Great shots!

  9. Read hair is gorgeous!

    I'd beta, but I have one in the hopper I am still trying to find time to get to and I figure you want it back faster than a few weeks.

  10. Girls with long hair, and dogs of delight and the wheels go round and round on bikes.