Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Snapshots - Garden Pardy

Greetings from the Hermit Writer.

The theme of the garden party...19th Century

They had some cool bicycles

So I had to photograph them

Of course!

There was some serious styling.

More styling.

That seat looks hard...but love the bell.

Gent was clearly just back from the colonies.

When we vacation, we do some bizarre things...just saying.

Oh what a cutie getting pedaled around by his mom.


  1. The bell on my pushbike looked just like that. I must be older than I knew...

  2. You, Mr. Wheeler, certainly know how to pardy!

  3. My bell! My bell! What lovely views!

  4. Loved the penny farthing bikes. Have no idea how they managed to ride them.

  5. What a fun garden party that would be! Love the old bikes.

  6. How delightful. There was a Penny Farthing Race in a town near by this summer.

  7. There's something you don't see often, a lady with a parasol.
    Old fashioned bikes are so interesting to look at.

  8. oh those bikes are awesome. I enjoyed all your pictures. Yes I too wonder how they ride those Farthing bikes.

  9. Very interesting bikes. I've never seen such bicycle. That's not true because already seen it in my history book :D