Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Favorite Passage in my WIP

Roch flipped open a cooler and drew out a bottle that glistened wet under the falling sun. The pishst of the cap being removed got my feet going again. I grabbed the offered beer, greedily guzzled. A bit threatened to come out my nose when I pulled it down. Ouch.
Roch stepped closer. In a whisper he said, “There is no way in hell anyone could have known I was heading out to Lake Louisa for a hike this morning, or ever.
“You know. We cops don’t believe in coincidences.”
The air in my lungs suddenly felt stale but my body didn’t want to budge to pull in fresh.
“So why are you here?” I whispered back, and took that needed gasp.
“Find out why you thought I was drawing a gun on you.” His face lightened with a studly smile that could take the etch off glass, make a virgin want to be defiled. At least this virgin.
Dang, he was good looking.
Heat billowed from somewhere into my face.


  1. Ooooh.
    Temptation. On the page/screen and for me. Drat you. I really, really don't need to lust after any more books.

  2. Hoo-boy! I've seen smiles like that.
    Going to be an interesting book, I see.