Friday, March 11, 2016

Everyone, Leave a comment for Alice...

...telling her why she should collaborate with me on a sequel to my Lycan series.

Here is my initial email to her.

Hi Alice. I finished reading your first book (in two sittings) the other night and wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed it. First I have to explain I don’t read ‘romance.’ Maybe a little paranormal romance if plenty of people are getting boiled alive or wrenched away to Purgatory. But I don’t touch Chick Lit. I’m a guy. And I write Dude Lit. And Tough Chick Lit. And fantasies with werewolves and vampires.

Are we straight on that?

I don’t know why I even downloaded your book. The cover didn’t grab me. Something like my mock up might have done a better job at that. And girl lit, well, as I said, isn’t my thing. There had to be something really catchy in your blurb.

But I’m glad I downloaded it. I’m happy I read it. I must shout out to the world, “Go read this book.” I’ll turn this note into a review shortly. I loved your voice. I loved your characters. I loved the painful flaws of your main character. The monologue kept me oddly alert. Knowing what would happen (you know…I create plot for a living) didn’t interfere in one tiny bit in my enjoyment. Confessions was a fun, quick read.

Now I need you to start a blog, create a real web page, play like you are a professional writer…because Confessions was the best edited and written Indie I have ever read.

I loved your voice so much, I think we should work on a book together. It would have to be paranormal of course. I’d write the chapters in our werewolf’s POV, and you can write the alternating chapters in our poor, stalked femme fatale.

We will become famous. We’ll collect those wonderful Chick Lit readers and the paranormal readers and become millionaires.

(Unless you already are filthy rich…don’t hold your breath.)

Keep writing.

So now yall have to go read her book: 


  1. Well Alice he (Mac) has certainly sold me on your book, and I will be heading over to the link after this. Knowing the incredible-hard-nosed-writer that Mac is and that he loved it, (I'm not totally into romance either) more mystery-history-minded it's a must read for me. Good luck in future writings!

  2. WoW!!! all that praise, coming from must be quite impressive!!!

  3. Sounds compelling. I'm thinking of the movie already.

  4. Sigh.
    More temptation cast in my weak-willed way.
    Listen to the man Alice. He will nag you to death if you don't. Really he will.

  5. You wrote such a glowing recommendation, of course I followed the link to Amazon and downloaded Alice's book.
    I think it would be a great idea if you two collaborated on a book. Or several.

  6. You better take him up on it Alice---it might be fun to be filthy rich or whatever.
    Off to look at your book