Friday, February 12, 2016

What I do beside Click a Camera

Greetings...yep...from the Hermit Writer.

Just thought I'd throw an update against the wall. I'm working on a bit of grittier novel this time around.

With her keeper’s death, Aran may never have to plan another assassination but she may have to do her own killing to survive. Those who contracted Cheska’s hits will come for Aran. She knows too many secrets accumulated the past decade analyzing the routine of those tagged for death. 

It takes so long to fit a cover to a novel (price, availability...argh), I start early. Even had one image earmarked before I started outlining. Here are some of my favorite possibles. 

Can't tell you which process I enjoy more...the writing,or the cover creation. (Definitely not the editing.)


  1. Top left and ooooo, sounds like it's going to be another good one!

  2. are we picking??? last one, definitely my favorite!!!

  3. I pick number 3, along, naughty.

  4. Bottom right.
    And Mar can wait. For a while.

  5. Bottom left for first preference, but bottom right is also very good.

  6. To choose, only the bottom left hand one facing the screen..but there must be a meaner looking women out there.