Sunday, February 7, 2016

Snaps - Robinson Preserve 8

Greetings from the Hermit Writer. Okay...finishing off my shots at the preserve. I hope when you visit you have blue skies.

Okay, this is what you get when you shriek, "No." You get on Mac's blog. (She's a professional photographer, so she knows the rules.) This is Therese.

Okay...I love White Pelicans. They are not that common around Tampa Bay, where we see mostly Brown Pelicans. This was a real treat coming across this colony.

Such cool birds.

Just wish they weren't a quarter mile away.

I didn't ask them their names.

Because they were too far away.

Who says vultures aren't cute. I love 'em. This is Joe...

...and cousin Moe.

And this is about one of the cutest examples of wildlife we crossed paths with. Trevor. What a cutie patootie. That was Therese again in the background, quickly avoiding the camera. For a photographer, she was really camera shy. She cracked me up.


  1. Love the pelicans. And the vulture.
    And have every sympathy with Therese. I avoid the camera too.

  2. Those pelicans are a delight altho' I notice there is black under the wing of one.
    Strange a photographs not wanting her photo taken. Now if it was me, I could understand it but she is a lovely slim lady so why not a photo?
    That final pic is so cute.

  3. I've never seen a brown pelican...I just googled it, they look ok..

  4. Add a few patches of black and those pelicans would look like ours. Nice post.

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

  5. I can sympathise with not wanting to have a photo taken. =)

  6. weer een hele mooie serie

  7. I like the White Pelicans too. we see them occasionally on the Yakima River and the Brown ones out at the Ocean---Pacific that is.

  8. Actually, talking about camera shy, I don't see any photos of your good self adorning the posts!

  9. Great shots, Mac.

    My camera wouldn't yield much detail at that range. Someday, my ship will come in and I'll invest!

  10. I wish those Pelicans would come up here...nice captures!!

  11. I like Joe and Moe... They look like characters!

  12. Those Pelicans are lovely! Cute pics!