Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Series - Weekiwachee Preserve 3

Greetings from the Hermit Writer.

I hope you weren't tired of lake photos.

Because I took a lot.

There are about 12 lakes in the preserve, many linked together.

So there was a lot of water to shoot.

Palmetto trying to come back after being whacked by something.

This is Sade. Can you believe she was used as a bait dog? I'd like to castrate everyone who has anything to do with dog fighting...especially participating. Disgusting.

An artsy Mac-shot.

Oh. A dash of color.

Always look up.

And appreciate the life every tree gives/has given to our world.
Thank you Mother for your beautiful gifts.


  1. What amazing coloured water.
    Dog fighting? An obscenity. Castration is too good for the perpetrators.

  2. Poor Sade; your sweetie is lucky to be with you... give the perps a barbed wire suppository. Grrr.

    Never tire of that lovely blue.

  3. Oh gosh I want to hug Sadie! Poor girl, I hope Karma gets those horrible people! I will always welcome and enjoy your lake pics!

  4. I think the Palmetto survival shot was my favorite. The contrast of colors, the poetry behind the shot... Very nice.

  5. Sadie looks like such a sweetie! I don't understand cruelty to animals!

  6. I think it would be hard to get tired of looking at lakes, especially when they're this beautiful.

  7. Beautiful lake shots. It looks so blue. I'm so glad Sade the dog was rescued from a horrible life. People are so cruel!!

  8. I love blue lake and sky. I hate people. who bully dogs. Regards.

  9. I'd never heard of a bait dog. Fortunately, I don't know anyone who dog fights.

  10. Gorgeous skies. And poor Sade.

  11. I like the little palmetto making a comeback!
    Sade is beautiful. How awful to be a bait dog, I think dog fights should be banned. They probably are, but something more needs to be done to stop the illegal gatherings.

  12. Oh, your blue is so touching :) It feels like spring is coming.