Saturday, January 16, 2016

Snapshots - More from Lake Louisa SP

Greetings from the Hermit Writer.

Big Creek cypress 

This lichen covered about of acre of open ground.

Nice splash of color.

Ah Choo

I love trees

cute little burned, cactus...look at those thorns

Dixie Lake


  1. Nice area. The lichen looks pretty, the cactus looks like the 'prickly pear' we have here in Australia, which grows quite large and is an agricultural pest.

  2. wow!!love the beautiful shoots!!A scent of spring for me:)))

  3. River beat me to it. That cactus does indeed look like the prickly pear. Brave souls eat its fruit, but it is a vicious beast.

  4. Okay, if I look at your lovely snaps just before I dose off tonight, can you promise I'll dream of here? Oh just say yes.

  5. a pretty lake, i like the splash of yellow, we don't have any color right now!!!

  6. We had a large prickly pear growing in our front garden when we moved here in 1974. Hubby thought it special and wanted to keep but I could just imagine our grandchildren perhaps coming into contact with those thorns so it had to go.
    Love all your pictures here.

    1. My pups from time to time lick sores into worse wounds, and I figure many of them come from cactus pricks. They are even meaner than you'd expect. I can appreciate your gardening decision *wink*