Thursday, January 28, 2016

Favorite Passage

Greetings. This manuscript is almost ready for prime time. Just a few more days of editing and it releases. Yahoo.

“Margarite. Don’t be an idiot.”
Men love to tell me what to do. As though I’d listen to them. And didn’t I tell him to call me Mar? I didn’t mind the idiot part, but hate my given name. The witch probably picked it out. Be funny if she had a nurse at the hospital make the call. That would be consistent with the amount of time she spent thinking about me.
“Where are you?” He sounded a little ticked too. My mind was stuck on being named by a stranger. I struggled to refocus.


  1. That's good stuff, Mac!

    My grandmother was named by her doctor. Seems the traveling doc had little patience with my great-grandmother's dilly dallying on the name.

  2. I like the bit about the ink blots.
    "I could have been looking at those blots the shrinks use. What does this make you think of? Uh, a spilled bottle of ink."

  3. very goo!! i purchased a book and i am reading again!!!

  4. I chose my name myself so can't blame anyone else. Your books don't seem to be on sale in Australia and I don't use eBooks so I am missing out on some good stuff.

    1. They certainly are. You should be redirected to the AU version of AZdotcom. If you are a reader, you should borrow a friends ereader. You'll love it. Much easier on the eyes...handling the pages so convenient. You'd never go back to paper.