Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Snapshots - Circle Bar B Reserve - P Last

Greetings from the Hermit Writer. A last hold over from my Feb 15 hike. Cheers.

More of the friendly armadillo.

(He was walking slowly...why not...one last shot.)

More of Florida's beautiful trails. 

And gorgeous oaks with Spanish Moss canopies. 

Dina, this is my last subliminal message, that you should be hiking with me.

I love trees. (Ah! I said I wouldn't say it.)

(Okay, another subliminal message for Dina...yeah...I tend to lie now and then.)

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Snapshots - Circle Bar B Reserve - P 15

Greetings from the Hermit Writer.

Great egret, Heloise. 

I think this may be my most favorite photo I've ever taken. I think it is so cool. 

Glossy Egret, Michael. 

Great egret, Lou. 


That's a king fisher up there, I think. I was told his name was Luke.

On my way out of the park, crossed another armadillo, so had to say hi and take his picture. (It's the law.)

I Love Zombies - Have you checked out iZombie?

If The Walking Dead is a little dark for you...you have got to check out iZombie. Funny Funny

Friday, March 27, 2015

Blog Aggregators...Your Opinion?

Google Reader has been gone a while.

I used Feedly for a bit...moved to Bloglovin. I'm tired of the response time and 'page not founds', the irritation of having to X out of Bloglovin for every blog I open...so moving on.

Are you happy with what you are using? Give me your recommendations, please.

Snapshots - Circle Bar B Reserve - P 14

Greetings from the Hermit Writer.

Great egret number 834

Heron number 745.

Baby tree. Mama Tree. Papa Tree. 

Stork number 237/

Don't overlook the flora. 

Heron number 836.