Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Snaps - Things that caught my eye

Greetings from the Hermit Writer. Odds and ends that caught my eye.

On the door to old city hall.

Okay...I may have exaggerated the reflection in the glass.

I think the place sold a lot of pork.

Another kudos to our tram past.

I love when necessary elements are made into art. Donchu?

It's a neat church.
Update: Sacred Heart Catholic Church


  1. That is a spectacular church. What flavour?

  2. I DO love when necessary elements are made into art, there should be more of it. You should see some of the buildings here in our city centre. If you can find any street numbers on them, you deserve a medal.
    The church looks like some of the ones here in Adelaide.

  3. It is a lovely church, part of it reminds me of my childhood Presbyterian Church! I've missed shots like this! Everyone eye catchers!

  4. Fabulous photos of this place. Your first photo with the ship is my personal favorite.
    Best, Synnöve

  5. Lovely pictures! I like the one with the window reflections. :-)

  6. There you are with you "tipped" photos again, Mac. Love the church.

  7. Mmmm, barbecue. I know what I want for dinner tonight!

  8. The Church is looking good. A Roman Catholic Church, or just a Catholic Church? (There is a difference)

    I do like the plaque on the door, have never seen anything like that before.

  9. Interesting images. You've been busy