Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Snaps - Bayshore Walk About

Greetings from the Hermit Writer.

Even a silhouette of a blackbird is cool, huh?

oh, Mac being artsy.

And some more.

Sissy remains patient while I snap away.

Enjoying the shade. (Good not to forget there are people around me)

Weather vanes grab me.

Another cool wall accent.

I must have loved her shoes...I didn't take a shot of her gorgeous pup, but I loved on him.

Nice shot across the bay.

Heading home.


  1. I like your arty shots.
    Sissy is a good poser..
    Merry Christmas.

  2. All so different...all so interesting. Liked the blackbird....we don't have them in Perth although they are in our eastern states.

  3. Oh I applaud your artsy photos! All great shots throughout!

  4. Great shot of the blackbird---it is so-um-black. Duh! Sissy is happily waiting for you.

  5. Great shots. Love the weather vane too.
    Stylish and beautiful.

  6. heading home...was dina driving?? left you on the side of the rode!!??

    i like the blackbird!!! you do make everything look wonderful!!!

  7. I really like the weather vane. I used to go around searching for weather vanes for the pictures. Have a good Christmas.

  8. great photos. I like the weather vane, we don't have many of those out here.