Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Snapshots last - Hispanic Heritage Festival

Greetings from the Hermit Writer.

Funny, that I focus on photographers, huh?

She was taking 'documentary' photos for a photography class.

I love hats.

I really don't get why any one wears long hair in Florida.

One of the park natives

This girl was intrigued

Rule #1

Friendly dance instructors (dang, forgot the name of the studio)


  1. It looks like great fun! The brunette in the third photo is absolutely stunning.

  2. Great series, I like the kiddies, chickens and the hat. Enjoy your day!

  3. Oh, i can see why you might focus on photographers. And hats.

  4. That girl is so funny with that cock :)

  5. You are a great people-critter-nature-picture kind of photographer! I love all your shots!

  6. Love those shots. I love hats. I bought Santa hat Ho,ho.
    Ear flaps. Yes no kidding. Today is like summer. No hat flaps.
    When winter is here. It has winter flaps this hat like airplane pilots wore back in the 40's. Now all back. . The rest is Santa red and white. It will keep me warm for we have soon that Canadian cold winter. And I really want to get some walk in even if it be 3 times a week in the park area.

  7. Great shots and I love how you have an eye for the unusual angles and opportunities :)

  8. I hate it when I forget names!

  9. Oh my I missed a couple days of your photos and now just caught up--everyone of them is interesting--but about the photographer in Nov 1st post--what is the difference in his 2 cameras??? I have trouble working with one camera!! and getting it to do what I want when I want it--now if I had 2 to worry about.....!!!
    smiles, di