Sunday, November 8, 2015

Florida Snapshots Series (3)

Greetings from the Hermit Writer.

This handsome gent appears to take his fishing very seriously, huh?

I think he needed a white shirt...the sun was pretty hot

A lot of us were chillin' on that beautiful Sunday afternoon

I considered stopping here to whet my whistle...arrrr

Lots of color everywhere I looked

Plenty of this to hang in your lanai 

You know I love hats. Doesn't she have gorgeous hair?

This is Daisy Mae. Her best bud and I chatted about our pups for about twenty minutes.

I say, Florida has the most beautiful skies.

John's Pass...ya should visit. 


  1. What a bright and beautiful place. Love the pelican.

  2. I just don't care for fishing...

  3. I kind of needed these pics after waking up to frost this morning. Brrr... :)

  4. What a pretty Pelican !and the young man seems to do his task very seriously!!I quess fishing is:)))))

    Cute little dog as well :))))
    Greetings Anita

  5. Fun and colorful images! Daisy Mae and the pelican are some of my favorites. Happy Sunday, enjoy your day!

  6. Sunshine - I'm jealous. It's very grey here today.

  7. If I get a chance I will. Sculley's looks very inviting too! Funny how complete strangers can chat forever when it comes to our animals!

  8. Enjoyed your photos. Have a great day!

  9. I am thinking of ways to decorate my new fence, I like those fish!! A white shirt is always better on a hot day but I wasn't looking at his shirt ;)

  10. Love that pelican. A bad day fishing beats a good day at work!