Monday, November 16, 2015

Florida Snapshots Series (10)

Greetings from the Hermit Writer.

A famous, Mac's artsy shot

Boats MUST be phun, right?

I would kill to be young agin, wuddnt ya?

I hate young people.

Just showing off.

Yeah, just go away! Argh. 


Wow. Can't turn around without another one coming by.

Artsy shot.

Not as artsy.


  1. 'I would kill to be young again.' Wow, that's like one of those overheard conversations that could be the premise for a whole novel.
    Its look warm and peaceful there, with lots of people watching opportunities too.

  2. I wouldn't be young again for anyone. Thirties perhaps. Late twenties at a pinch, but no younger than that.
    Love your artsy phartsy side.

  3. I love young people, but I wouldn't want to be young again, not unless I could take today's knowledge with me. Then again, if I did go back and do things differently, because of what I know, my kids and grand kids might never get born and that would be a shame.

  4. The heron's leg is cool.

  5. Boats are fun when you have the time!

  6. Legs legs legs that first shot tells it all.

  7. I don't think we fully appreciate our youth until it's too late - I'll try to make up for that by enjoying being the age I am now.

  8. I love the little bird, and, yes, I want to be young and pretty, skip that.

  9. hehehe, i'm not sure i want to be young again, but i do understand what you are saying!!! we worked hard when we were young, often 2 jobs and i had very little free time. i like my life know, i know who i am, i am smarter and more confident than ever.

    i would like to be able to wear those bathing suits though.....just sayin'!!!!!!

  10. great photos as always--but to be young is one thing--but I would want to be young and adventurous and not afraid--
    I was very sheltered growing up out in the country--so I missed out on alot--
    smiles, di

  11. Love that first shot!