Sunday, October 25, 2015

Snapshots - Rattlesnake Festival

Greetings from the Hermit Writer. Prepare yourself for festival photos all week. *wink*

As you can see, I was in San Antonio (not TX, Florida)

Bright colors always steals my eye.

If you're gonna buy dust collectors, they should be funky.

Couldn't pass up all this glinting color

I was there to people watch.

Critters always get a click 

...and folks who love critters. 

This guy was so funny, having phun on his 3-wheel stand up scooter. He demonstrated the siren. What a hoot. 

I am what you call a wild life photographer.

Sometimes I get distracted. 


  1. The title of the post bothered me. I don't do snakes well. I respect them, I can even see their beauty, but I need quite a bit of space.
    We had a snake which lived under the front steps of one of our homes. For about nine months of the year I only used the back door.
    Love your colour and your critters. Of course.

  2. A riot of colour with this series.

  3. What a name for the festival. Did they have snakes there?
    Love the colors, people and the critter photos. Lovely series! Happy Sunday, enjoy your new week!

  4. Distractions all over I'm sure. Greetings.

  5. There's great thunder here at the moment but I bet it won't rain!
    You sure did get distracted :)
    All is colourful.

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  7. Beautiful fill faced horsey! Cute pup and the scary crowed little guys so cute!