Monday, October 26, 2015

Snapshots - Of the interesting variety...I promise

Greetings from the Hermit Writer...from San Antonio.

Corgis though they have no legs. (So cuuuuute)

Artsy shot at the black smithe's 

...and another

...uh...and another

Burro would have preferred to be ANYWHERE else, I think.

The black smithe

The juggler was a crowd fav

This pony walked the treadmill in her sleep, I think 


  1. The pony has the most be-oot-iful eyelashes.

  2. Nice dog!!love the fur and the colours!

    Also the funny man with the loong grey beard!

    Happy monday Mac!


  3. The blacksmith tools bring back lots of memories for me. I worked in a blacksmith shop for a little while.

  4. I can't help but think the amusement ride donkeys have some of the saddest fasces I know of - as you say, 'anywhere but here'

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

  5. Hello, love the people shots but the critters are my favorite. Great series, enjoy your day!

  6. The blacksmith could pass for Santa. I like your artsy shots and the critter closeups.

  7. I LOVE the portrait of the blacksmith!

  8. Great job with these. I was surprised to see the smithy in white, as I have always seen them in dark and rugged clothes. We have an interactive museum here where a smithy works at times in the shop.

  9. Great blacksmith pic! Have a terrific week.

  10. My late husband was a farrier---he loved working in the fire.

  11. I have always loved Corgi's though I have never owned one-- You really do take great photos--
    I do have a camera question for you--
    do you clean your sensor yourself or have it done by someone else??? I have had mine cleaned by 3 different people since May and it really really needs it again--
    am wondering if there is something I can buy and do it myself--it cost me between $50-$60 everytime I have someone else do it!!
    smiles, di

  12. zo,n smid zie je niet veel meer

  13. Nice. That looked like a fun trip.

  14. Fun, interesting and some colourful shots. The hoofed critters look a little underwhelmed though.