Thursday, October 29, 2015

Snapshots - More Critters and People Watching

Greetings from the Hermit Writer [Indie authors rock]

A boy and his dog

I love bright colors. 

This beautiful pup was at the shelter 2 weeks ago. Adopt. Adopt. Adopt.

There were plenty of cool spots for the pups.

Did I mention the climbing wall was a fav?

The face painting was popular too. 

What a sweet (and hot) pal 

A real man can wear all pink. I'm just saying.

A selfie, sort of. (That's a motorcycle helmet, if you can't tell)


  1. Lots of fun.
    And a real man (or woman) can wear any damn colour they feel like.

  2. A helmet shot, well done.
    The little girl looks interesting.
    Men weaken wear pink when playing cricket, it's usually only for one match, it's for breast cancer to raise money...

  3. Great look of concentration on the climber's face.

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

  4. Great people shots and I love the cute pups! The last reflection capture is cool! Have a happy Thursday and weekend ahead!

  5. Of course men can wear pink!

  6. I was looking through, and enjoying, all your photos until I came to the pooch. Immediately my brain began chanting: Pug. Pug! PUG! =)

  7. Cute dogs. That climbing wall would freak me out. I'm afraid of heights.

  8. That is a sweet picture of the boy and his dog. I sure hope the bald man in pink has sunscreen on his head!! Great selfie. I'd think that helmet would be blinding to others when being worn while riding. Great photos!

  9. Man oh man, what delightful photos! Cute pups, kids and that painted face is excellent art!

  10. cute kids...are you wearing a burgundy shirt???

  11. Fabulous photos of the different children and dogs. Great !
    Best regards, Synnöve

  12. Sweet doggies and people too and even a selfie. LOL