Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Snapshots - Campus of South Florida

Greetings from the Hermit Writer. Just enjoying being alive...during a peddle across the USF campus.

All in a row.

Off for class.

Just me being artsy

Is this called juxtaposition? 

I loved this guy's haircut. I could be that good looking, if I was that cool.

Just loving our great oaks

Imagine how many people walk under those limbs without thinking how wondrous they are.

Even the planned oaks, all in a line, look cool.


  1. Love, love, love the trees.
    That cool hairstyle doesn't look comfortable to sleep on. And I am now old enough to think that comfort matters much, much more than coolness.

  2. The trees are stunning, especially the second photo. Keep on being artsy... I enjoy it. =)

  3. picture #2 is really amazing!!! looks like a good day!!!

  4. Thanks for the artsy tour! You bet I'd be one noticing those limbs and I'd be the crazy one trying to shoot them too! Guy with the cool haircut has more than his hair style going for him too! Love his shirt!

  5. Those trees branches are awesome.
    That haircut is just something!

  6. I'm enjoying your artsy photos.

  7. What a lovely campus! Very inviting.

  8. This is a beautiful campus and I love all the trees - old and new. I like your artsy shot too. :)

  9. Neat photos--
    got a tree story for you--
    I went to a one room school from grades 1-5th--so never had art classes until I was in 12th grade and the was able to take one--our assignment was to draw a tree--so I did--the teacher did not know whether to laugh or cry--he told me I had drawn a 'kindergarten' tree--and when was the last time I had really looked a tree--well not being a tom boy and having never even climbed one-- I did have to go out and look at a tree!!
    and to this day--trees fascinate me--and I love to also photograph them!
    smiles, di

  10. The trees are definitely my favorite. I'm a sucker for an oak tree.

  11. Being cool plays a big part in everything.