Friday, October 23, 2015

Favorite Passage - Current WIP

[Zeller re-thinking marriage to Reggie]

“You told me he’s very attentive.” I didn’t want to think about what that meant. I worried Zeller would start talking sex. Dang her liberal upbringing.
“He is. Almost feels like love, sometimes.”
Ah. Like I shouldn’t have seen that coming. I’ve lived with that for twenty years. I wanted to scream at her. She knew what he was within minutes of meeting him.
“Yeah, I know,” she said. “I had set appropriate expectations.”
Ho boy. Just like a PhD using big words to explain her emotions. I looked over at the side table where the little snub nose .38 hid in the top drawer. I could put her out of our misery really quickly. I even played through it, visualizing pointing the gun at her forehead and pulling the trigger.
That came from my education at the free throw line. Success is about visualization.
“I’m upsetting you,” she said.


  1. Oooo sounds like I need to know the rest........
    I see you went with the 'blue' on Haunting

  2. think that must be a good book!

  3. More please. Soon. (Be still my greedy beating heart.)

  4. That seems a fine read, congrats to you.

  5. I think she might be right about him being upset.

  6. Got a new book, eh????????????

  7. Ha, snappy as usual, great voice. :) Keep up the good work!