Thursday, September 10, 2015

Favorite Passage

Greetings from the Hermit Writer. Thought it was time for a tickler, as I continue editing the current project.

“Name’s Sam.”

Of course it was. I shook his hand. He ignored the boys. I followed him inside. Past a window display, three little, round café tables were arranged around a table containing a Mr. Coffee from about 1936. Anyone who drank from that and survived had to be impervious to the plague. Must be the local, morning watering hole for the boys.


  1. Ha! Speaking of Mr. Coffee the pot, we still own a Mr. Coffee pot, (major thing once) it's tucked away in our Travel trailer, (must have coffee while water heats on outside fire) I miss it when we're tent camping. But Mr. Coffee has a few naughty designs. My hubby's old school burned nearly to the ground because someone didn't turn Mr. Coffee off on a Friday! Oops.

  2. Never mind 'strong enough to stand a spoon up in', those coffee makers make dangerous coffee. Coffee which could possibly melt spoons, and eat holes in anything they are dribbled on. Certainly stronger than any wimpy plague...