Sunday, August 2, 2015

Sunday Safari - Brooker Creek Preserve

Greetings from the Hermit Writer. I told Jason (Didn't I, Jason?) that it would be really wet out there, but we'd been talking about going to the park together for a long off we went (Jul 19).

This is Angela, Jason's sweetie. Everyone say, 'Hi, Angela!'

We had our Canons locked and loaded.

We found lots of these guys out at Brooker Creek.

Here's Jason and Angela having a serious photography debate. 'Just point and shoot, guys.'

This is a really nice park. I strongly recommend the visit.

But maybe not in July. See the steam billowing between the trees.

We were good with the standard bored walk.

Brooker creek was more than a creek with all the rain we've been having.

I mentioned the steam.

...that it would be wet.

Everyone say hi to Julie, who joined us on the hike...uh...wallow.

Yep. The trail was wet, and steamy.

Until the trail was just water. We didn't get far.

But we did see one critter.

I've mentioned I love oaks (well, all trees), right?

Cool how oaks lean all over the place.

Don't ask me what kind of fungus this is.

Adrian! I told you not to ask.


  1. Looks like a polypore but what is the spider?

  2. Hi Angela...great and delightful photos. Thanks!

  3. That does look a little damp! Although it suits the spiders. There was fog coming off of the pool I just had a swim in - although for very different reasons (the water was warmer than the air!!)

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

  4. Hello to Julie, Angela and Jason! Awesome series. I love the spider and turtle. Happy Sunday!

  5. Hello Jason, Angela and Julie! It is a lovely place and one I'd hike about too. I saw on the news that you've been getting lots and lots and even more, RAIN!

  6. Even the turtle was hiding from the rain. I wish it would rain here. I would go splashing in the woods.

  7. Hi Angela, Julie, and of course, Jason. You are brave. The creek is beautiful, but it looks like there might be snakes? I hate snakes. I would probably have run screaming from the spider. Great photos.

    1. hahaha, (Angela here) I agree with you!! I hateeee snakes, but we actually didn't see any at all, lots of spiders but no snakes. It was in fact a cool hike.

    2. Too funny...the 'Blu' and the 'ina' threw me...Hi Angela.

  8. Hi Angela, Hi Julie. And Hi Jason. And Mac.
    Love the photos, would have been a sad, soggy mess if I had been there.
    And what sort of fungi did you say that was? (Sorry.)

  9. beautiful. love the steamy image and of course your oaks.

  10. Hi Mac, I really like your pics. My favorite one is the steam one. It was a cool hike and mini adventure. It was super hot and humid that morning but still fun. Cool pics :)

  11. Hi Young ones. Glad you had fun.

    Photos lovely! Mac great takes.