Monday, August 10, 2015

Snapshots - North Carolina P4

Greetings from the Hermit Writer.

A local complained they hadn't had rain in a month. Imagine what the fall would have looked like with recent rain behind it.

Imagine the force of gravity to form this dandy pool for us rednecks to enjoy

As usual, I was harassing my fellow vacationers. 

'No, no,' She screamed. (That just encouraged me...just saying.)

This beautiful lady gave me the thumbs up. (I didn't ask her name. Shame on me.)

This pup wanted to be in the water with his little boy.

Rule #1: Take pictures of attractive people. (Any time you can get away with it.)


  1. Funny series capturing your fellow vacationers. I love the pup! Happy Monday, have a great new week ahead!

  2. Lots of fun! I especially like the dog. :) Have a terrific week.

  3. Love the water fall, but wish it was a video with sound, so I could listen to it.

  4. Great photos again. I'm hoping for some town shots, the local joints...please, please!

  5. You are shameless. I am surprised you weren't pushed into the pool, camera and all!

  6. I never dare take shots of people!

  7. Very fresh post for me so thanks for it. Today was very hot here again.