Sunday, July 26, 2015

Sunday Safari - The Dog Beach

Greetings from the Hermit Writer.

Look who got to go to the dog beach. Woop woop.

There was lots of tennis ball throwing.

Belle says, 'Throw it! Throw it!'

'Why are you pointing that thing at me?'

Old Molly watched the fun and just soaked.

Of course Sissy hardly ever slowed down.

'This is my fast.'

Belle: 'Throw it. Throw it!'

You meet the nicest people at the dog beach.

Layla waiting for Belle to come back.

Sissy played hard with Tank.

Lucy isn't for chasing the the water. Meh.

I like Layla's hat.

A couple neighbors disinterested in all the frolicking.

A rare moment unmolested. 


Did you know piddies can't swim? Too much muscle mass I think. They imitate rocks.

So she ran along the shore.

'Ah, guys. Come back.'

'Please. Come back.'

'Why do they go out there?'

This is how you ensure you get on my blog.

Sweet, sweet Molly did a lot of soaking. No running.

Across the channel.

Two happy pups.

Lucy made a freind.


  1. I've never met a dog who doesn't love the beach. Great post. :-)

  2. Lovely scenery and photos.

  3. Beautiful images, and well narrated.

  4. Beautiful images, and well narrated.

  5. Good to see Molly wandering about.

  6. What a great outing for your dogs. They must love going to the doggie beach! Great photos, happy Sunday!

  7. A photo shoot to treasure. Every dog's a star.

  8. heerlijk om zo met de honden te dollen

  9. What a fun place to go. Bingo wants to joun in the fun. He's not a ball chaser though but he loves water and like Sissy is just a splasher. Love the doggies.

  10. Great shots of a fun time at the beach for the dogs!

  11. They are enjoying a wonderful time together!

  12. Dogs spend their whole lives making us happy and it is so wonderful to be able to make them happy as well, I think you accomplished that and so much more from these sweet memories made~