Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Snapshots - Sissy Overload P2

Greetings from the Hermit Writer. Meeting Dijon Part 2

Sissy was fine with the water in the ditch. Dijon's mom treated her with bottled water.


  1. What a nice set of photos...Lovely dogs.
    Yes...I take pictures of...whatever...Sometimes I find something interesting and ...I take a picture. just like that, No particular reason.

    Greetings from portugal

  2. Sissy was having fun playing with the new friend Dijon! Great series, enjoy your day!

  3. all were needed, in order to feel the pups joy!!!

  4. Hi Mac,
    I sent this to your email address but mailer-daemon returned it saying there 's not such address. Never mind.

    What I could do is offer you between 5 - 10 questions about you, writing and the book in general. To make it reasonably entertaining I'd top and tail it with a format that was quite successful on an online magazine 'on fiction writing'. The format was headed 'The Rack' and was conducted by a misogynist Private Eye called Clay Cross and his beautiful but psychotic sidekick called Sheri Lamour. They proved so popular I eventually wrote a book about them :) They're harmless, but unpredictable and always irreverent. Though the magazine is now defunct, you'll be joining an array of some pretty famous writers along with some not so famous - but who knows in the future.If this appeals to you, I'll send you the questions by this weekend.


  5. I just scrolled down through your recent posts and enjoyed the beautiful photos, as always. Sissy is sweet and looks like she enjoyed her romp in the park with a friend. I can say it's hot here now. Yay!!

  6. How fun to have a tussle with a friend. As long as they don't get too rough!

  7. Fun sequence photos. The dogs look like they're having fun! Haha, the bottled water. Pampered doggie!

  8. Great pictures. It seems they were having a ball

  9. I hope their minders were having fun too. What a lovely day.

  10. Those are some lovely photos!

    I found your blog through Elephant's Child's, which I'm sure glad I did!

    Your books look great!

    I love reading and writing.

    I'd love to write a book of my own, but I'm not sure how to go about it.

    1. Hi Lon. Your comment came across as 'no reply' or you'd have a novel in your inbox now. Pick a novel...send me your email address. And you're off to reading. *big smile*

  11. white...then almost black. just nice she had fun.