Sunday, June 28, 2015

Sunday Safari - Tampa River Walk

Greetings from the Hermit Writer. A new section of the River Walk opened I went a-safari-ing. (From May 31)

Artsy chair outside the cafe

I love the color of the cogs

Cool door

I stopped to talk with this lady, but she seemed preoccupied.

Shouldn't the water be below the boat?

High heels prove women are superior. What man could wear those things? (Would want to?)

I like colorful doodads of all sorts.

Gratuitous photo of babes in a boat getting splashed.

I loved all the lines and ovals. 

I think this part of the walk has only been open a few weeks. 

That is some sharp looking shade.

Across the river...pretty church. (I have a short attention span.)

Crossing under Kennedy Blvd

WHAT in the heck are those ladies doing?

 I love bright colors. 

...and a cloudy skyscape.

I gave these folks grief about wearing long pants in 90+ degree weather. She said she'd just flown in from Detroit where it was 41 I didn't give her a citizen citation. 

More of those beautiful Florida skies

Artsy photo #1

Artsy photo #2

Steps to the convention center.

More steps to the convention center. This lady was puttin' it to those stairs.

And get a load of the guy doing the pushups. 'Hey! Go the Y like everyone else. We don't need you showing off!'

I think these folks are regretting renting these things. 'How far back is it, sweetie?'

Colors always catches my attention. So folks bicycle on the River WALK too. I'm glad she was staying hydrated. 


  1. What colourful and wonderful photos. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I love all the colors and artsy images. It was 60° here yesterday. I had goosebumps, looking at your photos has warmed me up some. Thanks, happy Sunday!

  3. The walkway is really beautiful with so many nice things to see along the way. Your artsy photos are fun and I enjoy the architecture.

  4. i like that stair railings shot!

  5. You have quite an eye for detail but can't help noticing the number of photos taken of ladies you encounter on your travels.

  6. How colourful, yes it is beautiful.

  7. lots of good people watching....and i really adore the artsy looking chair!!!

  8. Great images! Love the #artsy photo 1 & 2, but think the one underneath, steps to the convention center is very artsy too.
    Thank you for sharing.

  9. I'm laughing hard at this post. Not sure if that was the intent... what ARE those ladies doing!!?

  10. You have a great eye for catching the interesting things!

  11. Love the colour.
    High heels? Bleah. Expensive back ache.

  12. You certainly live in a colourful place - which seems perfect for you.

  13. Wow so many cool sights! Artsy captures! I love those heels too I'm I heel fan, and raised a heel wearing daughter too!

  14. So much to much to do....what a fantastic place you have shared with us here. Thank you.