Sunday, June 21, 2015

Sunday Safari - Reddington Beach

Greetings from the Hermit Writer. Explored Reddington Beach (5-24)

Crossing the Intracoastal...saw this osprey and had to take a click.

I want a boat. Maybe.

Bet these nesters weren't very experienced.

Must be nice hanging out on a boat on a gorgeous Sunday afternoon.

I could live overlooking the intracoastal. Sigh

I think this pier got shortchanged. 

Nice frame for the  crossing to the beach

I think my favorite thing about the beach is the colors.

Definitely the color.

And the kids having fun, and getting crispy.

Reading a Kindle and watching...uh...weren't many waves this day.

I hope they know how to get back.

Ahhhh...just chillin

Yeah baby! I'd like a boat.

But then...I'd miss the birds on the beach.

"Meh. You ain't missing much."

This is Louise. She didn't have much to say about the matter.

Nothing like a stroll on the beach with your best buds.

"No one move! I dropped a contact!"

"Holy moley, you're never finding that thing in the sand."


  1. Oooh.
    Thanks for taking us along.

  2. That chap reminds me of King Cnut but it can't be as he's been dead for a thousand years.

  3. Thanks for sharing a whole gallery of Sunday fun.

  4. Good morning, what a wonderful series. Now, I wish I was at the beach too. The colors are beautiful, what a lovely day. Happy Sunday!

  5. Love that last bird shot, and his wisdom, and Louise is adorable too. All cool captures and captions. That man sitting on the beach tells the whole story about the beach. The sights, sounds, (especially those) scents and sand between the toes, yep love the beach.

  6. i liked the pinks and blues in some of these shots.

  7. Maybe the idea of having a boat is more fun than actually having one of those money pits.
    Have a Happy Day

  8. Hi Mac, Enjoyed all the pics. The color, the birds, the beach goers, the boats. Love the shot of the beach through the tall grass.

  9. dat zijn weel hele mooie wandelingen.

  10. At last, three pictures of birds, ha ha ha.

  11. Amazing to see the bird nest on the traffic lights. It sure looks like a beauty of a day.

  12. Beautiful scenes of a good time. I especially like the birds.