Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Snapshots - More from St. Pete

Greetings from the Hermit Writer.

That palm has a nice bicycle.

I screamed and screamed but the boat just kept going. The pier ate it.

Roscoe, playing bored. But inside, he wanted to go diving.

A family doing the touristy thing.

I stopped the folks and told them to check out the osprey. They weren't as impressed.

The pier should be toast soon. I hear the wrecking ball on its way.

Now that's an impressive device to skim over the water.

This one looks a little more awkward. (Just me)

Nice accents. (They're fakes. The guy who designed them isn't even from Milan)

This boat had a fine steering wheel. It'd look cool on my Goldwing.


  1. Love that first one - looks like the owner of the bike must be just out of shot taking a well earned rest and cool drink in a hammock.

  2. You sure do a fine job of taking me there with your photos. Nice shots, Mac!

  3. Hmmm about the Goldwing quip.
    I think that wheel looks better where it is.

  4. Great series! The palm/bike is one of my favorites. I also love the pelican and osprey. Enjoy your Tuesday!

  5. Good to know, one must always be on the outlook for hungry piers! Yikes. BTW love your book display, and putting Dude Lit on top, is what caught my attention first! Oh, and I love it when we ride those family bikes too! Most of our city lakes have them too. Very fun.

  6. The bicycle shot is really cool. And I'm impressed by the osprey. Wow. I hope Roscoe got some diving in, too :)

  7. Wonderful, Mac! I'm like Shell...love the bicycle shot.

  8. Well, I'm impressed with the osprey - very regal shot!

  9. Hey Annalisa I was going to say what you said. LOL
    Always like a bicycle palm--very Floridian.

  10. 1,4,5,6

    Nice. I do like the rest but these caught my eyes more.

  11. Nice shots- it does look like the boat is heading for a crash. Are they really going to tear the pier down?

  12. looks like florida?? hehehe.....and a great spot to park a bike!!!