Monday, May 18, 2015

Snapshots - Palm Harbor, FL P1

Greetings from the Hermit Writer. Photos from April 12.

I didn't get a good shot of this hovel facing Tampa Bay, but by the white columns you can see it wasn't much to look at.

Look. I'm innocent. She had been jogging toward me then abruptly stopped and walked the opposite direction. I assumed she wanted me to take this shot. That's my excuse, I mean, explanation.


Fountain in the front of the Palm Harbor Spa

I would do it this way too, until my old knees gave out. Then I would walk.

I like blobs of color.

Speaking of blobs of color. This is the Palm Harbor Art, uh, something or other. Center! Center! (I think)

They spent a lot of time splicing all this together.

Cool stuff. More tomorrow.


  1. Those blobs of colour are amazing, well caught R. Mac.

  2. the mosaics are neat! i like the fountain, too.

  3. About that girl---I am SO sure--LOL

  4. i always ask permission, if i am going to photograph someone i don't know. even in small shops, when the are staged beautifully, i always ask permission...

    the mosaics are beautiful!!!

  5. I like blobs of color too, especially with light. I'd like to know more about the first photo, unless it's just the spa. You tempt me with such a hidden view, it looks like a lovely building.

  6. Loving your colour blobs. And your greenery. And whitery.

  7. That mosaic/tile work is amazing!

  8. Nice view. They do that to me as well.