Friday, May 8, 2015

Snapshots - 22nd Street Park

Greetings from the Hermit Writer. Snapshots from this morning.

Just a soothing shot, eh

Molly doesn't move fast any longer. I can actually catch her in shots, sort of.

I loved the texture of this old concrete litter

Molly checking me out from the shade

Pretty cow birds

Off leash, pretty hard to catch Sissy for a good shot.

Lucy knows one speed...slow

Another soothing shot

Okay...wait for it.

Lucy's not fast enough to retaliate. 


  1. Lucy and Molly earned their moments of reflection, they actually see and smell so much more at this pace! Stop and smell it all- that's a great motto! Sissy has found something interesting there! Sweet sisters for sure, life is GREAT!

  2. Soothing scenery indeed.

  3. Your dogs are so cute, they look happy playing around.. Happy Friday, have a great weekend!

  4. Molly and Lucy are getting old,never mind, they are happy.

  5. I like the soothing shots and the dogs are so cute with their pink bandanas.

  6. Seems they enjoyed it. Lovely dogs.

  7. Slow is a pretty good speed.

  8. Nice pictures Max as always. Nice girls. I love their neck Bands. Darling. Dogs don't seem to mine wearing them I notice.
    Have a nice Saturday Mac. We are to have rain .
    We need rain really.

    Makes Spring more alive at my end of the world.

  9. I wish I could get my dog to slow down - he's still in puppy madness, which means he sprints to the next field then waits impatiently for me to catch up!

  10. it looks like you have a nice combination of speeds for your walks!!!!

  11. Nice - I'm trying to get some pictures of our newly acquired cat. Birds are a piece of cake in comparison!

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne