Monday, May 25, 2015

Shout Out - Daredevel - Top Rated Series

I can't recall ever doing a shout out on a TV series before. But this deserved one.

Dina signed us up for Netflix a while back, but we never have used it much. Dina made Memorial Day a 4-day weekend for us...and suggested a show for my mentality.

And I'm so glad. The first season is over. We saw one episode Friday...finished the season by Sunday night.

Daredevil, even if it is a comic book genre kicks-butt in every category. Acting, dialog, story line, drama, suspense, cinematography, special effects...oh the fight scenes rock. Good guys, and bad guys, sweet women, and innocent guys, twisted characters, true bloods. Kick-butt episodal cliff hangers. And what's cool...the protag is just a bit goofy looking. They didn't go find some knock dead beautiful dude. So cool.

A bit violent.

If you've never caught this...go out of your way to watch. 


  1. I'm not sure I didn't like that....

  2. It sounds like it's right up my alley too! I like that about Netflix where you can watch an entire season in as short amount of time as you desire, and no commercials!

  3. It's on my list of things to watch.