Sunday, April 26, 2015

Sunday Safari - Sawgrass Lake Park, St. Pete

Greetings from the Hermit-Writer. This is a nice park for strolling. Not a lot of picnic areas for a family outing, but I nice hideaway in the middle of the city. Hope you enjoy these shots from March 15.

Avery says, "Hi, yall." (He's a good Southern moorhen.) 

Jake didn't like me taking his picture. 

They only want you to swim in those concrete ponds, here in FL

Southern Florida right here in the city.

Water hyacinth always makes me think of the 1960s Tarzan movies. I have no idea why.

Lilly stuck around to let me take her picture. How sweet.

Logan was freshening up the den.

Yeah, you never see things like this in FL

This is Michael. He didn't like me poking a camera in his face. 

Just one more shot, Michael.

Ahhh, I do hate Florida.

Shady place to cool off in the shade. Will need that in a few weeks. 

Pretty (just thought I had to say something)

Lukus will be big enough in a couple years to get moved to a nearby preserve.

Taking a break in the shade

This park has an extensive boardwalk...

...To stroll and enjoy the hammock. 

Whew. Just in time.

Back on the boardwalk

This guy was being subtle, below the boardwalk

Not a great shot, but this guy was huge! Bet he weighed forty pounds. 


  1. Great group of photos, I really enjoyed the tour :-)

  2. Nice walk you took us :)
    Love your comments, you're so funny :))

    Have a great Sunday!
    Tinna ✐

  3. Great series from your day at the park.. The boardwalk, birds and critters are all wonderful. Happy Sunday!

  4. Nice public safety sign! I often wonder why we need to be reminded of these things some times.

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

  5. What a delightful collection of beautiful pictures. Thank you for sharing.

  6. love the turtles and tortoises.

  7. I really enjoyed the pictures a lot this time. That looks like a park I'd visit every day. It makes me miss the parks I visited before I moved. They were very similar, but without the alligators. I especially like the boardwalk. I love places like that.

  8. Lots of lovely things, thanks R. Mac.

  9. Great series of pictures Mac. I love dogs but you say it is a dogs park. I hope they take a dogie bag to pick up the business so others do not not to walk in it.
    Some dog owners are plain ignorant. My pet bief.

    In my area I see them merrily walking dogs. The dogs squat but master's many don't bother to pick up dogs waste. If I see them. I go out and say something to them. That is why I dislike so called dog lovers. The walk way is beautiful to walk on the wood platform.

  10. Hi back Mr Moorhen! Your boardwalk pics are great nice place for a hike maybe not swimming! Ha! Ha! It's delightful you know them all my first name too!