Thursday, April 2, 2015

Inviting Feedback on my Next Cover

Greetings from the Hermit Writer.

UPDATE. Here's the final for book 1, and what I'll probably use for book 2:

I'm preparing to republish an updated version of 6 Ways to Die and I'm working on a new cover as well.

I'm liking a pretty dramatic image. Which will make it harder to create a complimentary cover for my planned sequel.

So I have two questions.

1. Does the updated image create a story in your mind, with the title?
2. Does the possible sequel cover I've thrown together look too much like the original? (I want them to be complimentary, but not clones)

If you have any other thoughts...they would be very much appreciated.

Thanks :) 


  1. I like both covers. It's clear they are part of a series and that it's two different books. I think what you are worried about is the fact that the background for both covers are similar, even though the one has more contrast than the other. But I like both.

  2. I love the colours used on both covers - very dramatic. And I think, in my humble opinion, the two are different enough and yet 'samey' enough for the reader to recognise the series. The colour change (from creams to blues) is 'spot on'. In answer to your first question, not having read the books, I would expect to be reading faced paced, dangerous encounters with razor sharp thrills. Wishing you lots of fun with that! All the best.

  3. That should read 'fast paced' not 'faced paced' LOL!!

  4. I don't think either of them are creepy enough for your title. If you'd like, I could do a mock-up for you. I like to do covers for fun, all I ask is that you buy the picture. Email me author.jabennett (@)

  5. I like the similarities and the differences. The link is clearly there.

  6. OK - I'm going out on a limb here - I don't think you should have the 'a young adult thriller' on the cover - think thats a little too close to putting 'fresh baked pizza' on the front of a frozen pizza box - i.e. its trying to hard. I think that you should just go with a title and a series name.

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

  7. i know nothing, really and i am unable to read because of my health and memory. with that said, i like the covers but i do think they look very similar.....but honestly, i don't know how different they are suppose to look. i love the font and the colors. let us know what you decide!!!

  8. I just saw this post - hope it's not too late, but if so, maybe you can use my comment for a next book. The left one of the two reminds me of the Rorschach ink blot test... if you want them covers to be complimentary, you have the option of a complementary of color - red/orange ...would be green/blue with a similar design - hope you get it figured out!

    1. Thanks for the feedback. I need to update this post with the final cover for 6Ways 1 and the concept I'm considering for WIP 6Ways 2 :)