Sunday, March 1, 2015

Sunday Safari - Sydney Dover Equestrian Park

Greetings from the Hermit Writer. Beautiful day [Feb 01-Super Bowl Sunday]

Getalong, pony

That's some green water

The trail was nice, though

But don't drink the water.

Lovely how the grass waved in the breeze. 

Always someone has to trash a place.

Whoa...didn't expect to find a dump in a county park!

This is prettier. 

Bokeh works cool in this shot

Nice contrast. 

Bluer water

Even a weed can be pretty.

I don't think her horse liked my looks.

I wonder how far it is for women.

So which trail should I take?

This trail worked out okay. 

If you don't like shoveling is an alternative.


  1. Pretty images, except for the trash! Happy Sunday!

  2. sad about the tire dump. nice place, though!

  3. I do love horses
    but not green water--patooey!
    Nice shots except the dumping area--a shame.

  4. I do like all the offerings of your nature! Ours is coming!

  5. That green water is just a bit.. or a lot of spring algae, isn't it? It's a lovely area. I'd be happy to explore it on a horse.

  6. That water is greener than most of our land.
    Love it all, except the little additions we have dropped.

  7. Mac, You posted too many photos to make it easy for me to pick out a favorite ... they are all good! :-) The green water may be it though. :-)

  8. a beautiful park but yes someone always has to spoil things

  9. That second picture looks just like a pond that I used to visit every week. It was my favorite little hike to get there.

  10. i just despise people who dump illegally and ruin things for the rest of us. seriously, where do the think it goes and how could you sleep at night knowing you have done that. i can't even drop a straw wrapper without picking it up!!! uggggggg!!!!!