Sunday, March 15, 2015

Sunday Safari - Circle Bar B Reserve - P3

Greetings from the Hermit Writer. [Februay 15 hike]

This shot worth clicking on, to check out the texture of those tail ridges

I've heard people say gators are ugly...but take a moment to appreciate.

If tanks could be as perfect. 

'Yeah,' he says, grinning.

But when he was a pup, something took a bite off his tail.

Okay...let's stop here. George ain't gonna let us pass by this way.

I wonder how many pictures got taken of George that day. He posed for hours. Really. I came back 4 hours later and he was still here.

George is so big he wouldn't fit in the frame.

So I split him up. What a big boy.

 I waited a while to see if George would take a walk, so took some other photos. 

And some more.

Nope. He was settled in for a long nap.

I came across this guy looping back.

New color. 

There were a lot of us at the Reserve. sweet. 

Purdy limpkin

I love trees. 

I wonder if these two are brothers.

They were really enjoying the February sun.


  1. gators are fascinating and such prehistoric beings! sure hope george doesn't get hungry for a hiker. i think he could move very quickly if he wanted to.

  2. Wow, how exciting to see so many gators in one place. They really do have interesting features on their hide. Great photos!

  3. The Limpin is number 1, love it. And, and, and, there was Alligator, wow.

  4. it really warms my heart to see so many people out enjoying parks, trails and nature!!

    no cell phones, ipads, iphones...just the good ole' outdoors!!!!

  5. ohhhh and yes, nice gator, i suppose. you would not catch me in one of your images. nope, not gettin' that close!!!!

  6. Wow.
    Fascinated by your gator, love your bird, adore your tree.

  7. George is pretty well used to people isn't he.

    beautiful reserve and images of it.

  8. I wouldn't want to be so close to a cocodillgator that I couldn't fit him all in one shot!

  9. Of course there were lots of folks, George draws a gigantic crowd. He sure is handsome!

  10. George is pretty amazing ... wow!

  11. I don't really care for George or his whole family to be exact. He does have a certain beauty about him though.