Sunday, March 22, 2015

Sunday Safari - Circle Bar B Reserve - P 9

Greetings from the Hermit Writer. Hope you aren't yet really tired of my Feb 15 hike.

Great egret is awesome. 

'Hey! What about me?'

Don't fret. You're pretty awesome too.

Came across this sleepy armadillo so had to take lots of pictures. 

Because I love critters. 

Of course...all life is precious.

But these guys are just a little more precious. Wish they understood the danger of blacktop.

Baby Palm, Mama Palm, And Papa Palm. 

I love trees. 

And ospreys flying overhead. 

And love trees. 

And new color. 

Woops. Came across had to take more shots of him lest he feel slighted. 

But he was less happy with being photographed...and scurried away. 

Have I mentioned I like trees. 

And palm stubs with hawks. 

And trees. 

And most anything of Mother's beautiy. 

Wow. I loved this shot. Thanks Mother. 

Bows to the once majestic oak. (I like them too)


  1. The Armadillo steals the show.

  2. I have always wanted to see an armadillo!

    Did you know that they give birth to identical quads?

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

  3. An wonderful! I've never seen one 'in the flesh" but think they are awesome. (Is it all right for an old lady to say awesome?"
    Fantastic birds and yes, like you, I love trees of all shapes and sized and liked the palm 'family' too.
    Anything that Mother Nature provides I enjoy or that is if you discount typhoons, hurricanes and cyclones. All the rest are OK by me.

  4. First.You write good.Beautiful haunting animals and birds..Wowowoowow!!

    Papa ,mama and baby palm just awsome!:))))

  5. smiled all the way through. i love that shot you loved, too! and i love trees. :)

  6. Fantastic shots, one and all.

  7. Loive the scene, especially the Armadillo, what a shot.

  8. ooooo, i am a critter lover as well. as this loaded, #1, took my breath away. i just adore them and they will be back at the shore soon!!!!

    happy sunday!!!

  9. Breathtaking pics! Finished reading SEEker and just starter SEEker 2. Loved it, especially how the two boys' lives gained meaning and purpose. A must read for all those who haven't done so already. Thanks Mac.

    1. Ohhhhh, it never gets old hearing someone enjoys one of my books. I'm so glad you enjoyed SEEker!!

  10. DEFINITELY not tired of your hike. Of any of your hikes.

  11. I always enjoy your hike shares and love seeing armadillos!

  12. the armadillo is neat. i like all your trees.