Thursday, March 19, 2015

My New Release ** Ghoul Enforcer **

I have a new novel for you to rush out and buy!

Not your typical vampire Noir. But there's a little Buffy, a little 90210.

Ghoul Enforcer. Cool nickname. But the job forces seventeen year old Caitlin to make life and death decisions. As the vampire queen's intern, she's faced do-or-die predicaments. Starting college should bring some normalcy, but ghouls are sprouting up everywhere and she's expected to "resolve" them. The Revenir realignment has shifted across the Atlantic and Cait is heaved, tied and hooded, into the middle of the battling European clans. If the factions don't kill her, her queen may, for interfering in her war plans.

Ghoul Enforcer is a sequel to Revenir Intern and The Jennings Kid, spinoffs of the darker novel, Revenir.


  1. Sounds very cool...I was a 90210 junkie back in the day, but don't tell anyone ;)

  2. Sorry dude but up to the time I found your blog I had never heard of you but looking a a few of the books I could be tempted to get one for my Knidle

    1. Never heard of me? Really? That's amazing.


  3. Congratulations - and thank you.

  4. I must mention your name to my daughter as she is into spooky books. I'm sorry I can't remember their names but there are two well known authors and she has all their books as far as I know.