Sunday, February 8, 2015

Sunday Safari - Upper Tampa Bay Park

Greetings from the Hermit-Writer. Visited UTB Dec 21. Nice day but it turned cloudy after I got there. Nice park, except the trails don't loop well to make it a great hiking park. A gazillion warblers, juncos and finches. If I ever get a longer telephoto...I'm heading back. Hope you enjoy.


Wood Storks aren't that gorgeous, but they're so neat!

A typical view there.

burned palmetto

Mangroves at low tide

You can rent a kayak


Sweet bee

Another typical view at the park

By the scat in the trail, the deer love these things

Nice trails

4 hrs of deer, eagles or had to throw this shot in the list. 

This pretty girl lived just outside the park.

I fell in love.


  1. I think the Wood Storks are cool too. I love the mangrove shot and the flowers.. The horse is beautiful! Wonderful shots, happy Sunday!

  2. Love the beautiful horse!

  3. beautiful colors! sweet critters, too.

  4. Are you kidding, I think those Wood Storks are just super beautiful. Maybe more so because unless I go to the Zoo the only storks I see are in books. Your horse friend, is adorable. Thanks for the tour, and I'm a pro at knowing grey days, and your photos are still gorgeous.

  5. Nice photos Mac. The burned palmetto is stunning!

  6. Another great collection. I really love the burned palmetto image. The blue kayaks appealed to me also. And who could resist that gorgeous equine?

  7. Oh those birds are beautiful and the trails and the horse.

    Thank you for showing all Mac.

  8. I am with Karen S. I think the Wood Storks were beautiful.
    Was it just me, or did that line of kayaks look a little like stylised dolphins? Wishful thinking?
    Love your new friend too.

  9. that horse is gorgeous as is the stork!! i LOVE any wildlife that will stand still for a picture!!!!

    kayaking is on my bucket list but i hope to go and love it so it just becomes something i do often!!!

  10. How could you not fall in love?
    It looks like a gorgeous place to be out on the water - in a canoe, kayak, whatever.
    Enjoy, Mac.

  11. another fine series or lovely images

  12. That looks like a wonderful place. I would never want to leave. I love the wood stork. I've never seen one before.

  13. I have to say that the wood stock, while not beautiful, would be a good bird to see!

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne