Sunday, January 18, 2015

Sunday Safari - Trout Creek

Greetings from the Hermit Writer. These are from a hike Nov 17. Gorgeous day; blue skies; about 81 degrees. (Didn't wear enough DEET)

Out on the trail...yippee

Don't ask me what you call this plant.

I felt so honored to enjoy the beauty of these woods.

Vultures get a bad rap...but look at those gorgeous wings.

The wild flowers still showing off a little.

It was such a gorgeous day to be outside.

I just love how oak limbs wander about

Gator Bait is a great trail to hike.

Not like an Oregon forest, but with its own beauty

Providing life after it's prime. Poor oak didn't get to see his best days.

Even our lichen has color.

Who says Florida doesn't have color?

I hike the 'very difficult' trails...but don't bike them. My old butt can't take all those tree roots.

I bet this egret found lots of frogs to nosh on.

I loved the beautiful blur next to the texture of this young oak.


A nice shot to show Florida forests look a little different from those north of I-20.
I got more shots. I think I'll post more tomorrow.


  1. I always enjoy looking at your wanders. I will wait for more tomorrow.

  2. Some fabulous shots there, mac. I think vultures get bad press because they're pretty unpleasant creatures. But we don't get too many in the UK. We do have lawyers and politicians though.

  3. Lovely images from your walk. I think the plant is called the beautyberry.. Happy Sunday!

  4. I would like to venture out on that Indian trail just to see what they think is difficult! Always an adventure! Did I read 81 degrees? Wow. Darn it all! I remember our cold WINTER weather that day Nov 17 is my daughter's birthday! We were in complete winter lock down.

  5. Beautiful spot to wander. It makes me miss summer.. spring.. autumn.. anything but winter. :) I won't ask what lovely clustered plant is. I'll tell you. :) It's the American Beautyberry. Yeah, I Googled.

  6. Awe inspiring! I actually tried to take a pic of a Kestrel yesterday who seemed to be guiding our car. He was actually flying out in front of us, directly in front of the windscreen. After a moment of drinking in the beauty of the fabulous creature, I grabbed my camera but the bird wouldn't wait around for me and my fumbling. An amazing sight, nevertheless. (By the way - I wasn't driving :))

  7. Sublime.
    Serene and beautiful.

  8. a beautiful woodsy series.

  9. I do enjoy your photography perspective!! Vultures are so pretty in flight but kinda ugly when perched on a post!!

  10. It was a trail worth writing home about, lovely.

  11. Those are so beautiful. Some look more like paintings.

    And I'd probably be hesitant to skip both gator bait and misery!

  12. Oh wow. Such beauty. This makes me want to take a nature walk!

  13. love your trip in these woods - beautiful images - am looking forward to summer!